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How does EMS training work?

Using our Body Wellness Index (BWI) advanced technology, we brought the outdated concept of BMI into the 21st Century. By using this advanced tech to scan your body we can set your goals, and calculate your macros based on your body type- all in just 60 seconds! The benefit of this advanced tech is having all this data stored in a cloud-based mobile app right in the palm of your hand. After your BWI scan, your certified EMS trainer will personalise your training programme and parameters with “one-on-one” sessions. These training sessions will be based on your BWI data, which leaves no room for error, helping you reach your goals by only doing a minimum of 1 x 20min session per week! Our in-store pharmaceutical grade nutrition will speed up muscle recovery and maximize fat burning after these intense 20 min sessions.


Nervous System

Our central nervous system sends bio-electrical impulses that controls our muscle action, EMS uses this natural principle and intensifies the process to reach deep muscle layers and fibres which are hard to activate through conventional training. It is achieved by ap-plying EMS electrodes to the skin above the muscle. You do the exercises with a suite that you wear that has all the electrodes that effectively target all the big muscle groups. Best results are achieved while doing dynamic and functional exercises, the muscles are then stimulated through the electrodes doing a series of exercises that is of low or no im-pact on the body. Each muscle group can be controlled individually by adjusting the training intensity. Visible and tangible results will be achieved in a short period of time. The training is not harmful or painful to the body at all. 

With an EMS training session, 90% of your muscles are activated with each contraction deep into the muscle layers that conventional training cannot achieve and the contractions are also strong and more intense. It activates both intra and inter muscle coordination and based on scientifically facts you will achieve highly effective results in a short period of time. 

State of the art medical tech


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In just 20 minutes, you get a FULL BODY Workout equivalent to 5 hours in the gym, with a personal trainer.

Target deep and hard to reach muscles

We improve V02 levels by 50%

Low-impact on joints

Improve posture and
reduce back problems

It helps improve mental health

Increases overall strength
by 30%

Increased blood circulation

Targets Cellulite and lymph

We focus on functional training

Boost your metabolism

Save Time

One on one training with EMS certified trainer

Lean muscle building

Strengthen core muscles
by 54%

Activates 90-100% of
your muscles

Fat Loss

State of the Art medical

Xbody EMS Equipment

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