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Our studios offer upbeat electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training and rehabilitation. Our Bodylab studios use EMS to activate muscle contraction, thus intensifying your workout in a way that your body could not do on its own. The pulse applied during a session penetrates and stimulates 90% of the total muscle mass in the targeted areas. Meaning that we’re not training superficial muscles; we’re going to the core of our muscle groups. This also adds an incredible time-saving element. Suddenly, a quick 20-minute workout can become a muscle-building and fat-burning powerhouse, not even to mention our rehabilitation programmes by using EMS therapy. In this highly monitored space, an EMS certified trainer can carefully examine your rehabilitation process and offer you a unique regime that focuses on your personal needs. EMS is also widely used as a physiotherapy treatment that helps relieve pain and aids in restoring physical function. We believe, what sets Bodylab apart is our friendly hands-on personal trainers, individual training sessions, and customisable programmes, meaning our EMS equipment is tuned to suit your personal needs. This customisable gear gives us complete control, making it ideal for your fitness level, age, or requirements. So, whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce back problems, improve flexibility, strengthen bones, or just become a better you – Bodylab’s got your back!

The 21st Century health & fitness revolution in just 21 minutes.



By using our 21st-century tracking and training technology, we offer the most advanced, medically approved Body Wellness Index (BWI) and Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) equipment in the world to give you a 21-minute workout per week that equates to five hours in the gym! Combine this with our pharmaceutical grade nutrition, you are sure to combat obesity and notice better mental and physical wellness.

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EMS training work?

Using our Body Wellness Index (BWI) advanced technology, we brought the outdated concept of BMI into the 21st Century. By using this advanced tech to scan your body we can set your goals, and calculate your macros based on your body type- all in just 60 seconds! The benefit of this advanced tech is having all this data stored in a cloud-based mobile app right in the palm of your hand. After your BWI scan, your certified EMS trainer will personalize your training programme and parameters with “one-on-one” sessions. These training sessions will be based on your BWI data, which leaves no room for error, helping you reach your goals by only doing a minimum of 1 x 20min session per week! Our in-store pharmaceutical grade nutrition will speed up muscle recovery and maximize fat burning after these intense 20 min sessions.


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